ClientLucky Viral Branded Content
WorkBranding, Visual Identity

In 2009 HelloMe was asked to develop an identity for New York based agency Lucky which focusses on the production and direction of viral films and branded content. This was the start of a very intense and exciting process that shaped a unbelievably strong brand-personality.

In close collaboration with the founders Jonathan Rosen & Ryan O’Hara Theisen HelloMe consulted and directed the entire branding process from conception to creation including brand strategy & values, corporate language & behavior as well as the visual design of a strong, optimistic and vivid brand.

The visual identity is based around three core-elements. An ever-changing 3d logotype, a strong typographic concept, and the use of fluorescent neongreen color.

For their printed matter 50 different letter stamps were produced, 10 of each letter of the name “Lucky”. This in total makes 9 765 625 different combinations of the logotype which is hand stamped onto each printed piece to give it a personal note. In addition to this all printed matter got a shiny four sided neongreen edge-coloring.

The implementation included the development and creation of brand guidelines, the creation of all printed matter, presentation templates as well as art direction for photography and self promotional viral clips.