ClientKuxma Media
WorkBranding, Visual Identity

The name of Berlin based filmproduction studio Kuxma refers to the german short term ”guck’ste mal“, which translates into something like “hey you, look”. The brandname was the only thing that existed when we met for a first briefing. Together with the CEO of Kuxma, HelloMe developed their way of communicating with the outside world. We developed a set of brand values reflecting the way Kuxma works in a mainly cultural- & corporate environment, directing documentaries, advertising and brand content for both small and big clients.

The logo refers to the icons used on cameras and players. It is used in a very bold way in either white or black and is combined with only one corporate color, an all shiny turquise. The logo is flexible and the different icons of the logo can be arranged within the five column grid that is defined by the logo characters.

For the production of Kuxma’s printed matter, the white logo was screenprinted onto turquise paper giving it a very nice haptic twist. The business cards are mounted from 3 different stacks of paper, white, black and turquise and by far are the thickest and nicest cards we ever had in our hands. The accompanying website was coded by Malte Müller of We Are Fellows.