Hier & Dasein


ClientResearch Project
WorkBook, Installation, Research

“Hier & Dasein — Fragen zum Selbstverständnis zwischen Orientierung & Desorientierung” is an extensive design research project on orientation and disorientation. It is a critical reflection on the chances and risks of creating orientation and providing guidance through design. It questions when one is led by foreign influences and when one actually is in control of his or her orientation. Moreover it points out the concept of temporary disorientation as a great chance for selfreflection and positioning on multiple levels.

This concept is translated into the structure of the acompanying book by redefining the idea of reading as a non linear process. The unusually complex structure of the book, compiled of 6 folded posters, a 36 pages booklet and a concertina folded cover, all gathered in a slipcase, was designed to question learned orientation processes and to challenge the reader to define an individual way of reading. Therefore the book intentionally lacks a predefined beginning and can be started at any given point in the book. It automatically will guide the reader through the entire book without any information being left behind.

The content is structured into six different groups of themes that build on each other. The depicted installations each deal with one of these six subjects and were integral part of the creative process. Each serves as a simplified figure of a complex circumstance and often abstract concept and were created to allegorically visualize the respective theme. The journey is the destination. The front is the back. Here is there.