Fur Marble Shine


ClientNadine Goepfert
WorkBook, Booklet

Nadine Goepfert is a Berlin based textile designer studying at Gerrit Rietveld Academie and School of Arts Berlin Weißensee.

For her project “Fur Marble Shine”, a collaboration with dutch fashion designer Alexander van Slobbe and part of the exhibition Shanghai Gesture, we created a 48 pages book and three mood-booklets showcasing visual research material.

The design of the fabric is inspired by the Dutch Golden Age, roughly spanning the 17th century, more specifically by the paintings of Jan Vermeer. Upon closer examination the frequent appearance of black and white tiles in the painted interiors is quite noticeable. In contrast to that, one can find rich ornamental curtains sidelining the painting to give the recipient the allowance to take a look inside the room and to be part of the otherwise hidden occasion.

The created fabric attempts to translate the contrast and content of the paintings into a haptic form. The fabric consists of three different parts, a furry, a shiny and a marbling one. Each part of the fabric is accompanied by a mood-booklet that gives an impression of it’s surface and structure.