WorkMusic Packaging, Poster, Visual Identity

“Magnetism” is the debut album by Nu’Pop musician Love is Cocaine. For LIC’s visual identity we translated the abstract idea of magnetism and attraction into an tempting dark visual language that reflects the yearning, melancholic mood of his songs. The artist portraits show an almost dissolving face attracted to an undefined power seemingly out of reach. We developed the visual concept for the imagery that later on was shot by photographer Ramon Haindl.

The deep photographic layer is combined with a playful interpretation of old infographics on magnetism. The arrows, usually indicating the magnetic field, show the reading direction of  the letters that were designed with a horseshoe magnet in mind, one pole being round the other one being angular. The letters freely arrange on the format, generating a very dynamic logosystem that is able to adapt to the media it is used in.

We designed a complete visual system with different online and offline applications like audio packaging, posters, flyers, bags, i-Tunes graphics, website and social media content.