WorkMusic Packaging, Visual Identity

Troberg is an experimental electropop band from munich. Their sound is a mixture of dark synthezisers, clicking bossanova drums, accordion, strings, children’s keyboards and a very strong female vocalist.

The visual system for Troberg’s self titled debut album interprets their multifarious sound into a set of expressive color patterns that were entirely hand painted while listening to the album. A councious decision, as we felt it was important to use a very direct approach to visualize the music and it’s poetic lyrics.

The paintings are combined with a custom made typeface. This was created by drawing small lines of paint on paper and then press another paper on top which added a positive moment of coincidence to the process. The letters mostly remained in their original form and were only slightly adjusted.

The applications range from print to digital and cover music packaging, posters, artprints, book, merchandise and online.