To celebrate their 200th anniversary, Warner/Chappell Music has commissioned ten graphic designers to transform iconic lyrics into a new set of posters, removed from their traditional associations. The ten pieces provide new visual interpretations of well-known lyrics from some of the most famous songs ever written including songs by Led Zeppelin, Radiohead, New Order or Morrissey.

HelloMe was comissioned to create a poster to the song ‘Uprising’ by Muse. Inspired by the given lyrics and the multi-layered, full sound of the song, we created an over decorative, almost ornamental design, combining old art deco frames with the jittering feeling of memphis patterns, with the eye being the only direct hint to the lyrics.

The two-color screenprint comes in a limited edition of 100 and is printed in a fluorescent blue/orange. All posters are exhibited from 30.09.–09.10.2011 at StolenSpace Gallery, London. Thanks to Nick Bell Design for taking care of all the organisation.

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