Transmediale 2k+12


ClientKulturprojekte Berlin GmbH
WorkArt Direction, Catalogue, Visual Identity

Transmediale 2k+12 – in/compatible.

Teaming up with The Laboratory of Manuel Bürger and Timm Häneke, we designed the 2012 visual identity of one of the world’s most well known art & digital culture festivals, transmediale. The 2012 edition of the festival was themed in/compatible.

Starting from the theoretical framework by new artistic director Kristoffer Gansing we created a concept entitled “Promised Land” dealing with the divers and contradictory aspects of digital culture and its extreme differences.

From the framework of transmediale 2k+12:
“[...]The simultaneous monumental failure and global ubiquity of technology seems to move us beyond the polarity of utopia and dystopia. Instead we are entering the blurred environments of the unadapted, monstrous and “uncorporated”. These increasingly unclear tension-states between open and closed, military and civilian, idealistic and commercial are giving rise to a new kind of “techno-cultural uneasy” [...].”

Working with the “Promised Land” idea (read more here), the significant reference pictures the sky, the heaven, the admirable thing beyond us. Translating this connotation into a unique material, we were using metal-coated paper (from the eastern side of the globe) that shines not only golden, it also reflects rainbow colors, therefore attracts attention on a very high level. The design of a centered black tunnel with its rounded (!) worth pursuing rectangle at the horizon, shows the gesture of society’s compulsion and drive for contemporary technology. It questions the relationship of the striving human rather user as in/compatible part in our glowing digital culture. Shininess vs. black vacuum of shallow promises generate the “techno-cultural-uneasy” effect, that connects directly to transmediale’s exhibition “Dark Drives”.

“As an in/compatible being, transmediale 2012 highlights projects and cultural phenomena that savor this stop in the incessant flow of things and posits it as a moment of tension that allows for a redefinition of our initial terms of engagement. The in/compatible being is one that moves with the particular rhythms of this tension, but not necessarily forward. Contrary to the fear of the incompatible, so prevalent in the age of cloud-computing, the festival raises the question of what happens when incompatibility is brought to the fore rather than hidden away in the dark underbelly of digital culture.” Curatorial statement transmediale festival programme.

We developed an extensive range of media applications. The festival catalogue with its shiny appearance contains 1.Programm Reader, 2. Day Planner, 3. Schedule & Location Map, 4. “Dark Drives” Exhibition Catalogue, 5. In/compatible notepad, 6. reSource research newspaper. The transparent pvc folder features different pockets on the inside, to organize all printed matter. A compatible system for in/compatible products.

Besides that we also created a controversial discussed website, various viral clips and festival trailers, flyers, invitations, a critically acclaimed poster campaign, digital presentation slides, on location graphics, a new and improved ticketing system and limited edition merchandise.