The Hundred In The Hands


ClientWarp Records
WorkArt Direction, Music Packaging, Typeface, Visual Identity

Warp Records approached us about designing the new visual identity  for New York based duo The Hundred In The Hands as well as designing their second album “Red Night”, a dark and rich musical trip through a night that wont end.

Based on the title of the album and the first tracks we heard we developed a typographic concept using a customized version of HM June Grotesk. The typeface is at the same time dancing and refraining from moving forward by turning back and sticking to its position.

The music packaging was based on the paper works THITH developed in collaboration with New York based artist Jesse Hlebo. In close collaboration with the band we developed the entire range of music packaging including a gatefold CD, gatefold vinyl album, two singles, posters, stickers and merchandise.

Listen to the album at warp.net