by ( Marsano )


ClientMarsano Berlin
WorkArt Direction, Branding, Curation, Visual Identity

by ( Marsano ) is a temporary Pop-Up Store launched right next door to their Berlin Mitte flagship store.

HelloMe developed a special branding for the store, including the naming, a dynamic visual system for the logomark as well as all printed matter.

Besides that we developed a series of interventions entitled Marsano by (    ) for which we invited a selection of different artists and interesting people working in various creative disciplines to curate a selection of Marsano’s products and to combine it with the artists own work. Marsano’s products range from flowers and 1000 types of vases to high end vintage furniture and all kinds of small curiosities collected all over the world.

Participants include Haw-Lin Services, Vladimir Karaleev, Atem, Michelin star chef Tim Raue, product designer Alex Valder, HelloMe, Freunde von Freunden, photographer Julia Grossi and Manuel Schibli.