ATEM Visual Identity


ClientATEM – Contemporary Timelessness
WorkArt Direction, Branding, Visual Identity

ATEM creates purity, finesse and quality in accessories. ATEM enjoys attention to detail in everything the brand does and therefore only uses carefully considered materials that satisfy its high understanding of quality & style. The strongest garments and smoothest leathers are crafted into functional design items with a sense of tactile simplicity to create a highly durable contemporary modern classic.

ATEM was formed in 2011 around designer Nelson Abulencia based in Hamburg, Germany. The brands name translates into “breath”. It is essential, a part of everyday life you don’t have to think about. Just like a good accessory. It is always with you but never in the center of attention.

HelloMe comprehensively consults and implements all of ATEM’s communication material. We creative direct all media from creating the brands bespoke tagline “Contemporary Timelessness” to directing campaign photography and printed matter or the campaign website.

For the brands visual identity we created a simple yet bold logotype that seeks to contradict the lightness of the word itself. The bold logotype is combined with a warm color scheme and a lively typographic concept to highlight the brands sense for material and attention to detail.