The Garments may vary


ClientNadine Goepfert
WorkArt Direction, Catalogue, Research

“The Garments may vary” by textile designer Nadine Goepfert is a collection of garments that, is not only flute or worn out but actually changes its form, structure, volume, motif, and colour through ordinary usage.

The textile research project investigates the daily usage of apparel and the associated movements of the person wearing it. These movements are accentuated and partly captured within the materials and surfaces of the garments. Each of the materials chosen is used to highlight a different form and duration of change. The garments seek to temporarily or permanently capture the traces, movements and behavior patterns of the wearer.

In close collaboration we created a research catalogue featuring the photographs by London based photographer Sanna Helena Berger as well as a folded poster invite to the exhibition opening and a extensive documentation booklet as part of the project presentation.