Berlin Art Prize 2013


ClientBerlin Art Prize e.V.
WorkArt Direction, Visual Identity

We were commissioned to create the visual identity for the 2013 launched Berlin Art Prize, an independent award annually honoring contemporary art from Berlin. Its aim is to support the city’s artists by establishing a non-institu­tional prize awarded by a select jury of local art professionals.

The significance of the Berlin Art Prize: Initiated by a group of art and culture producers, the prize is not tied to an institution or a company. It is the goal of the Berlin Art Prize to support and encourage artists in their independent work and creative endeavors.

Over a period of eight months we consulted the founders through the process of creating an art prize from the idea to the implementation.

We developed and designed a visual language built around the iconic logotype set in the custom typeface HM Arthus. The identity visualizes the upside down approach to the subject while using a limited set of graphic elements.

For the campaign we developed a playful set of claims and phrases introducing the first Berlin Art Prize to the public throughout various media. In the first year, only three months after the first official announcement, the Berlin Art Prize reached over 1000 submissions.

We created a brought set of media applications such as flyers, posters, stickers, two websites, social media content as well as on location graphics and a 160 pages exhibition catalogue.