ClientOSTKREUZ – Agentur der Fotografen
WorkArt Direction, Design, Typeface, Visual Identity, Website

OSTKREUZ is the most successful photographer-run photo agency in Germany. It was founded in 1990 by seven men and seven women just after the fall of the Berlin Wall. Today OSTKREUZ has eighteen members and is one of the most critically acclaimed agencies in Europe. The youngest member is in his mid-twenties, the oldest in her mid-sixties. Each of them has been honored with national and international prizes.

OSTKREUZ commissioned HelloMe to reimagine their visual identity, which primary manifests in their digital presence. We designed the bespoke typeface HM Ostblock that is at the heart of the new OSTKREUZ identity. The typeface is based on their iconic logo stamp designed in the early 1990’s and still in use today. For their web destination we designed a responsive website that foregrounds content and emphasizes readability and the imagery produced by OSTKREUZ.

➝ Typeface: HM Ostblock