ClientBureau des arts plastiques, Institut français Deutschland
WorkArt Direction, Typeface, Visual Identity, Website

Perspective is a German-French Fund for contemporary art and architecture, established by the Bureau des arts plastiques of the Institut français, the French Ministry of Culture and Communication and the Goethe Institute. Perspective aims to promote and deepen the artistic collaboration between Germany and France. The Fund promotes the internationalization of the art scene, from the conception to the dissemination of works, through the support of professional meetings, seminars and workshops in both countries.

HelloMe was commissioned to design the branding and full communication of the Fund from a bespoke typeface to the design of the visual system and execution of all printed and digital communication.

We created a visual system inspired by the theme of exchange and affection between those two countries. The design is based around the bespoke typeface “HM Perspective” in a left and right slanted cut. Each cut is used for a specific language and is leaning into the direction of the geographic location of the opposed country. The typeface is accompanied by a dynamic logo that works as a manifolded key visual element. It contracts and expands to react to each collaboration individually.