ClientTypojanchi – International Typography Biennale
WorkArt Direction, Installation, Poster

Typojanchi is the 4th International Typography Biennale held in Seoul, Korea.
The Organizing Committee including Ahn Sang Soo (Chairman), Neville Brody, Lars Muller, Paula Scher (Pentagram) and Kyungsun Kymn (Director) invited us to develop a work for their 2015 exhibition, themed “City and Typography”.

We devised a site-specific installation entitled “Ten Structural Elements, 2015” exploring the spatial potentials of typography. Ten black walls of equal width are set at equal distances from each other, dividing the space into concrete and hollow zones. Utilizing the main structuring and socially dividing element within a city, the installation investigates the relationship between private and public space while abstractly echoing the density of metropolitan areas.

The strict repetition of the walls and the alignment of the installation is informed by both the architectural and typographic paradigms deriving from our studio practice.

Alongside the spatial structure we designed a bespoke poster transferring the three dimensional structure back onto a flat surface.

Typojanchi 2015
The 4th International Typography Biennale
11 November — 27 December, 2015
Culture station 284, Seoul, Korea

On-site production by Zerolab
On-site photography by Kim Jinsol